Thursday, April 13, 2006

Two new apps today: Google Calendar and Yahoo Maps Beta

First, Yahoo Maps Beta. It has 1m resolution over the entire US. This is awesome. The problem is that they're having immense load problems apparently. I can hardly get any imagery to show up! And when this flash app can't load an image, it doesn't try hard enough to get it later. I've scrolled back and forth to get it to reload tiles and it just won't do it! Ugh. Well, I'll wait until they have their server situation fixed.

Second, Google Calendar. I really have been looking forward to a calendar with the simple, patented Google CSS. Google Calendar seems pretty good. I like the sharing.

What I don't like is the crazed asynchronous updates. Why would you let a person change the settings on their calendar and then update that asynchronously? I want some modal behavior in my applications. I don't want to add a calendar and then have an update 30 seconds later when the server finally decides to render the change. I tried to add a Work calendar and it didn't show up for ... oh... 1 minute!

Proof again that AJAX has been taken too far. This makes the app less usable than if it just had a straight submit-POST-refresh workflow.

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