Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The British Pound

When I was visiting the UK last week, a woman we met in Scotland told me that the rest of Europe refers to the UK as something like the "UK Ripoff".  I can't remember the exact term she used, but it was a lot more catchy than "UK Ripoff".  "United Chargedom" or something.

The bottom line is that England and Scotland are amazingly expensive.  An 8-day trip there rivaled the cost of my honeymoon because of the exchange rate.  My honeymoon was twice as long and in a far more exotic locale in the Southern Hemisphere.

I know it's a dignified thing to have the world's most expensive currency, but maybe it's time they start thinking about devaluing the Pound a little bit.  Better yet, maybe they should move to the Euro.  A friend who is returning home to there next week for a vacation was complaining that he'll barely be able to afford the time off because of the exchange rate.  It seems absurd that a guy who lives in Silicon Valley finds he'll be stretching his budget by returning home to England.

Something to think about.  I loved my vacation, but I'd think twice about doing business there, unless I was of course exporting their money for goods made here or in China.

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