Monday, October 02, 2006

Got problems? Enter Rehab!

Mark Foley, the congressman who sent unseemly IMs to a 16-year old, has entered rehab for alcoholism.

There you go, there's the easy out. This is pretty much what everyone seems to do these days if they get busted for anything. "I did something wrong, therefore I have a terrible disease called alcoholism that's to blame." I have an idea, how about, even if you're an alcoholic, you're still responsible for your actions.

By the way, if someone is in Congress, shouldn't we hold them to higher standards than everyone else? Shouldn't he have at least had in his mind, "I've drank a lot tonight, I'm going to hit on a child. Wait wait, I'm in Congress, that would be really, really bad?" I can understand Cletus not holding himself to a higher standard, but someone in our Congress? Just another one of the 2.5 trillion reasons we hate our Congress.

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