Monday, October 16, 2006

I hate the blogosophere, Part 1: Conflicting Priorities

In the course of a couple posts in the blogosphere, you'll see this:

The True Cost of Standby Power


A Closer Look at Folding @ Home on the GPU

Now, what are we supposed to make of things when the same people who are concerned about 2 watts of standby power are running their machines all the time with some protein folding simulator? Furthermore, what should we make of it when these folks are running said folding simulator on a GPU -- easily the most power hungry component in the computer beyond the motherboard/CPU.

Going flat out, a system with an Nvidia GX2 consumes upwards of 240 watts. 240 watts! Yet in the blogosphere, people tell us we're supposed to be worried about 2. People need a reality check.

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