Saturday, October 14, 2006

Please not Lou Pinella!

Rumors are all over that Lou Pinella is going to be the Cubs' next manager. Dear Tribune Corp. : please, no!

The Cubs just tried hiring an old time manager in Dusty Baker. His reign in Chicago was no less than a travesty.

How is he a "proven winner"? His career record is barely above .500. This guy has only won anything once without A-Rod, Unit or KG Jr. -- that was the 1990 Reds who won the World Series. That great 2001 Seattle team that won 116 games had to go 5 games against the Tribe in the ALDS and only took 1 game from the Yankees in the ALCS.

Cubs fans want Joe Girardi. He's a leader in the town and we're willing to give him a break for as long as he needs to make a good team.

"Joe G" (as I like to call him) grew up in Central Illinois and went to Northwestern. Seeing as Illinois is very small, he has a connection to my family. According to my mother, my grandmother was friends with his mother who lived in Metamora, IL, when my grandmother taught at Metamora High.

Joe G told the Cubs crowd when Darryl Kile died before the game on June 22, 2002. In retrospect, I've thought only Joe could bring such a sad message to an ordinarily rowdy crowd in Chicago and have them pay attention to it.

Girardi is the perfect Cubs manager. Please hire him over Pinella. Lou Pinella is one of those old timey baseball guys that GMs just like to hire. Take a chance and hire a Chicago/Illinois guy who was in the Cubs organization before. Pinella is not a Cubs guy. He's not a Chicago guy. He's not even a National League guy.

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