Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Please stop saying "iPod isn't in danger" when talking about Zune...

Those of us who will buy a Zune aren't going to do so because we care about the iPod. We don't. We hate the iPod. I have two Nanos and still prefer to use my 4 year old Creative Zen. I want to be able to listen to my subscription music on a device. iPod doesn't offer that. End of story.

The only problem is that Zune supposedly won't support Rhapsody. This sucks, because I've had a Rhapsody subscription for a number of years. But I am getting a little tired of the shell game that Rhapsody plays with songs. I save a playlist 6 months ago and half of the songs are now only 30 second samples (this is happening to me as I write this) because they've been removed from the subscription playlist. Very annoying.

To the Diggers out there who want to make Zune-iPod comparisons every day: please stop mentioning the iPod in EVERY Zune article, you're not changing my mind. I'm definitely going to buy a Zune. I want an end-to-end subscription system that will work with my Xbox 360, which I'm guessing they will do with Zune music (since J Allard is in charge of Zune). Microsoft has the ability to offer that and Apple does not.

So far this is the only iPod-Zune comparison that's been any good. Especially "If Detroit Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya threw an MP3 player at my head at a blazing 104 MPH, would it hurt?" LAWLLERS

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