Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Why pay $1300 for a console?

I really don't understand why people would pay $1300 for a Playstation 3 pre-order receipt (and then the PS3 itself) on Ebay. The most absurd part isn't the gadget envy. The absurd part is that you could buy a Blu-Ray player and a new PC for the price you could just buy the pre-order and the PS3 -- and that's with no games!

Folks, it defeats the point of the console to pay this much. Stop the madness or next time around nobody gets consoles cheap. I wonder if Sony should have just offered the first 500,000 PS3 off the line for $2000 a pop. How about $5000 a pop? How high could they go? Whatever the sustainable price for those "special edition" PS3s, they'd get all of the profits right up front instead of letting idiots sell their consoles on eBay and profiting. Those people aren't even fans, whereas the people paying $1300 are.

Anyway, let's just hope some of the few PS3s out there actually get in the hands of some people who actually want one for Christmas, rather than jerks who will buy them and sell them on eBay, or GameStop employees who are (reportedly) hogging them to themselves.

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