Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Bridge n' Tunnel Crowd

Why is it the Bridge n' Tunnelers are always the ones who come into the city and screw everything up?

There was a shooting in the Castro last night at 15th and Market, which is only a 5-10 minute walk from our place. 15th and Market is generally one of the safest corners in all of America on a normal night. In fact, the Castro is very safe (although there has recently been a spat of rapes, normally it is very safe).

But on Halloween night, when the Bridge n' Tunnelers come to town, someone gets shot. Is this a surprise?

I think we should only let San Francisco residents and some number of their friends into the cordoned off area next year. In Madison, where their Halloween party has gotten out of control for several years in a row, this year they sold tickets to State Street. The result was a fun time without the use of pepper spray (imagine that!)

The Castro is fun on Halloween, so why should San Franciscans pay for our police and medical services to deal with the aftermath of the idiots from out of town?

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