Monday, November 13, 2006

Gears of War froze my Xbox 360 while PAUSED.

I paused the game, came back 5 minutes later, and it was frozen.

I've had I think one or two freezes on my 360 -- both in Madden.  I wrote it off to cosmic rays or whatever.  But now Gears of War has frozen my 360 three times in less than an hour of playing the game, once while paused. 

I'm starting to think Microsoft really did drop the ball with the Xbox 360 manufacturing as everyone claimed they did.  Previously I thought it might have been overblown since I've only seen one "ring of death" on the 360, it was one we had at work.  But if the console hangs and freezes after being in a consumer's hands for 6 months, what's that supposed to mean?

I guess I'll call Microsoft tomorrow and see what they can do for me.  Probably tell me to shell out another $400 on an Xbox.  Yeah right!  How about I just won't buy anymore games for it?


Tim said...

my ps2 has froze many many times, as had my xbox 1. so has my mac and PC, I hear that computers do that from time to time.

If it's freezing 5 minutes, that's another story.

Trimbo said...

It freezes indefinitely.

I've contacted Xbox support and they sent a list of things to try. I tried them, and mailed them back. We'll see what they say.

Anonymous said...

MY 360 froze while playing gears of war and while playing rainbow six vegas. Sometimes it won't start up, I have to turn it off and turn it back on, sometimes the screen still stays on even after turning it off. Not to mention the fans inside sound like a helicopter is hovering around my house.

Trimbo said...

My new 360 that Microsoft sent me has been behaving better. Anon, if your 360 was built before Jan 01, 2006, they will replace it for free.

Also, the new one I got is noticably quieter. The noise you hear isn't the fan, it's actually the DVD-ROM spinning up to 12x. The newer ones have a different DVD drive that seems a little quieter (though a bit flimsier of a tray).


brianc73 said...

Hey Trimbo -

Did Gears of War cause any more problems with your new 360? I've been thinking of buying a copy for mine... I have a pre 1/1/06 360 and so far haven't had any snags (knock on wood).


Trimbo said...

Brian, the new 360 did help. Works great now. A lot of people have older 360s and have no trouble. It just so happens that the fall update plus GoW somehow pushed my bad 360 over the edge.