Sunday, November 19, 2006

Guitar Hero II

Really fun. I guess it doesn't matter that my Xbox 360 has to go back for repair because I'll probably be playing this for the next couple weeks anyway.

However, the song choices aren't nearly as great as they were on the first version. Did the person who came up with the original set list leave the company? Did they sell spots on the setlist to the record companies?

I'm glad they finally included some Van Halen, but "You Really Got Me"?! That's like Van Halen on training wheels. It's not even their song, it's a cover. There are probably 15 Van Halen songs that would have been better than that! Here are a great 5:

  • Unchained
  • Jamie's Cryin
  • Ain't Talkin Bout Love
  • On Fire
  • A little song some like to call PANAMA?!!

How anyone can choose one Van Halen song to have in Guitar Hero and not have it be Panama is beyond me. Panama is an textbook example of a perfect rock song for that game.

And as much as I like the kitschy nature of Guitar Hero... like having the drummer explode at the end of "Tonight we're going to rock you, tonight"... putting Freebird on the game is just wrong. It's funny for about 2 seconds until you remember how shitty that song is. I would have much rather had Sweet Home Alabama if I had to have any Skynyrd song.

And as much as I like finding out about new music, I'm not sure why there have to be any bands we've never heard of on Guitar Hero. Like who the hell is "The Sword"?

On Guitar Hero 1, when I read through the setlist, I mostly said "Yup, those are some really good guitar bands or musicians, or at least those songs kick ass." Like Cowboys from Hell. I think I've played that song like 100 times on Guitar Hero.

On Guitar Hero 2, I think they've lost their way. I mean, come on... CHERRY PIE? If you have to put a cheesy band on there, at least pick a cheesy song that has some staying power, like Def Leppard's "Hysteria" or "Photograph", or just about any AC/DC song.

I can give them credit for at least one obscure, cool choice: "Message in a Bottle" by the Police. Andy Summers probably never got enough credit for the quality of his guitar abilities. This almost counteracts them putting Franz Ferdinand on the first game

And still, no Metallica. Two versions of this game and no Metallica?

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