Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Xbox 360 movies coming tomorrow...

.. and if Microsoft would just send me the box to send back my Xbox 360, I'd be on a path to actually buy some of that content someday.

Something I don't understand about Microsoft's media strategy: why would I want to buy media that I can only watch on my Xbox 360? It would be one thing if I could buy these movies and watch them as WMVs. But it seems like they're locked to the 360. What's the good in that? I have a dead 360. If I didn't get it fixed by MS, does that mean that I would lose all of my downloaded movies forever, or until I bought another 360? No thanks.

BTW, some "analysts" out there are predicting the 360 will fail because it has a high software attach rate. "Attach rate" is what tin-eared, graph-paper brained accountants* call the amount of accessories and software people buy for their new device. If you buy a 360 and 5 games, your attach rate is 5. Well, the attach rate for the 360 is 5.1, which is, I guess, pretty high.

But, you see, in the bizarre world of "analysts", everything you ever thought was right is now wrong. These guys claim the 360 will fail because this high attach rate means it's only being bought by hardcore gamers.

Uhm, I hate to break it to these guys, but the console costs $400. Of course it's only being bought by hard core gamers right now. The PS2 gets bought by everyone because it's $129.

What they should have said in their report is that the attach rate really is irrelevant. It's too early to tell either way. But they can't do that because they're analysts. Basically they get paid to sit around and write stupid reports on numbers that prove nothing to earn their $300,000 - $1m bonus for this year.

* - "Tin-eared, graph-paper brained accountants" phrase credit goes to Jello Biafra.

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