Friday, December 08, 2006

Getting annoyed with ad-driven websites

Once in a while, there's a site that doesn't care about advertising (like this one).  Most of the time, every blog post you ever see referred on Digg or Slashdot is covered with ads.  How lame.

What's really lame is when sites get a "facelift" that is purely designed to show you as many annoying ads as possible.  For example, Yahoo TV Beta.  I'm thinking, "Great, I can go look up stupid movies I'd like to see."  Wrong!  The site narrows down the listings to 10 shows per page and makes you click through enumerable pages.

You see, if they actually cared about you, they'd make it with all 200 shows called "Santa Claus" on a single page.  But no, you have to click through 20 pages to see all of the listings, which are in a random order -- with no less than 10 ads per page.

What's really ridiculous are tech reviews.  All of these sites out there like HardOCP or AnandTech are designed to make you click through as many pages as possible just to see what the heck they think of the product.  Hence, showing you as many ads as possible.

Once again, I'm on the prowl for a good ad blocker for IE 7.  Anyone have any to recommend?  Firefox's adblock works pretty well, but I don't use FF anymore.

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