Friday, December 22, 2006

Shout out to EnvironmentCalifornia

I'll give this shout out just because the guy seemed like a nice guy.

Sitting here watching Stan Winston's classic film Pumpkinhead in Hi-Def, and someone knocks on the door.
  1. Whenever someone comes to our door, i'm suspicious in general because hardly anyone ever does that, including our neighbors.
  2. Whenever someone knocks on our door instead of ringing the bell, they are definitely not someone who knows us.

Anyhoo, the guy was representing this EnvironmentCalifornia organization, and he started out with "I'm with Environment California, and we're fighting for clean energy...".

Now, if you're for solar and wind power, don't ever pitch me that way. Living in San Francisco, I've been pitched with that line many, many times and I have learned to come back with the immediate response "Oh, you mean nuclear power?" Of course, this caught him way off guard, just like everyone else who I do this to.

For some unknown reason, "clean" power advocates don't seem to include nuclear power. He responded with a bunch of hemming and hawing and then said something about the nuclear waste, which I replied "Oh, actually if it wasn't for the Clinton Administration cutting the IFR project, that wouldn't be an issue." He didn't know what to say for that, so he talked about the solar effort that they've pushed through in California.

For that, I commend them. I'd love to have solar power because solar power and electric cars = freedom. Imagine if you could get all the power you needed without having to pay any bills, having to gas up your car, etc. That, my friends, would actually help Democracy -- no more pressure to have cheap gas. No more fighting for oil, pollution is low.

That said, I don't really want to cover New Mexico with solar panels to accomplish this, because it doesn't help the freedom aspect and is a huge environmental risk. Therefore, I'm pro nukes. Hopefully some environmentalists will get behind that, and the guy at my door just now had an open mind about it at least. Kudos to him.

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brianc73 said...

I never heard about the IFR project before reading this... Sounds like a huge mistake killing something that could be 99% efficient for something that today is only 1%... There were probably a lot of under-the-table issues being dealt with at the time influencing his administration's policy... Unbelievable...