Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SFPD needs a new chief badly

Gavin Newsom needs to fire Heather Fong. She has done nothing to make the SFPD look better after the infamous "Fajitagate" incident. San Francisco's homicide rate spiked dramatically when she became police chief. She is not a leader. In fact she alienated officers in 2005 when she suspended a bunch of them for some mildly tasteless videos and spoke about their actions like they were child molesters. She speaks with the authority of a gnat and lies for whatever reason in the face of rising crime rates. And now, we hear that some Yale students visiting our city got beat up, yet none of the perpetrators were detained or arrested. What the hell is that?

That's called the last straw. Either Heather Fong goes, or you'll go, Mr. Newsom. Here's a chart of homicides in SF. Note that Fong was put in charge in early 2004.

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