Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tip: Don't upgrade XP to Vista unless you have direct access to the domain

After the Bears beat the Seahawks today, I ran some errands and took a 20 minute drive down to work just to dock my laptop, log back in, then leave and come home.

Why?  Because I made the mistake of doing an upgrade to Vista without access to the domain that has my password.  Vista would deny my login while I had the work laptop at home because of this. 

Even worse, Vista automatically denies access to the local "Administrator" account when there is a domain in use, so I couldn't go in that way to get the thing up and running again.

The upgrade itself actually went well.  It took hours and hours -- probably about 5 hours, but other than the domain login problem, it was seamless.  I decided to upgrade this work laptop because I'm a chronic early adopter and because I've continually had problems with it getting confused when I undock it at work and then bring it home.  My first test of this, when I brought it home today, went very well.  Even the virus scanner upgraded seamlessly, which shocked the hell out of me.

Anyway, I hope this warning helps people who have laptops on the go but log into a work domain.  If you're in Minot and your home office is in Cheyenne, don't upgrade to Vista until you get back to work.  I'm sure most people wouldn't upgrade to Vista themselves, anyway, they'd leave it to IT.  I'm one of the exceptions who doesn't wait for IT to upgrade me, so I felt it necessary to warn others. 

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