Sunday, January 28, 2007

Vista consumer value is very low

The value a consumer gets out of Vista just seems to be decreasing all the time. Now it's the inability to install a clean copy of Vista with an upgrade copy.

Really, who would buy an upgrade version if they knew this? As seen in my prior posts, Windows has to be reinstalled at least every couple of years. Anyone worth their salt knows it has to be done clean to be effective.

I just don't really see what the consumer is going to get out of Vista. As a developer, I'm happy .NET will be in more people's hands. As a user, I am not sure what Vista offers me that I really want to shell out that kind of money for.

Given that I don't buy PCs with Windows licenses--I've owned my own licenses since NT 3.51--what am I supposed to do with this? Install XP, pop in my W2K disk to prove I can upgrade that, and then install Vista on top of the XP? That's a good use of my time. Plus, I've done a XP-to-Vista upgrade and it's really slow. Granted, the machine I did it on had a bunch of cruft, but it took about 6 hours to upgrade.

I bet Apple doesn't pull this shit. MacOS is getting more tempting all the time.

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Anonymous said...

Yup, but there's no .NET on MacOSX, is there?