Wednesday, March 21, 2007

'Lost' is crap

I turned over to channel 7 to watch the news just now, and the end of 'Lost' was on.

This show was interesting for about 4 episodes, then I realized it would never end. It was a soap opera. There won't ever be any resolution, it will just wind on and on forever. These days someone tells me what happened about once a season, and that's all I ever need to hear because nothing does happen on that show.

At the end of tonight's episode, the only 2 minutes I've watched in the last 2 years, I saw that they were opening a door for a surprise for that bald guy on the show. Inside, there was an older man tied up. A full 5 seconds before bald guy said his line, I said, out loud, to my empty living room...


And that's exactly what he then said, and the show cut to black as if this was a big dramatic surprise!

Seriously, how can a show that's supposed to be mysterious be so cliche? How do you people watch this crap? Watch an X-Files rerun if you want a mystery show.

Although, what am I talking about, I still watch 24. Over on 24, we've got a soap-operaesque plotline of a president being in a coma and people debating if they should wake him up because "that could kill him." Give me a break. 24 is mostly a cliche of itself though. Next week, on 24, Jack kidnaps a high ranking government official -- who's using Islamic extremists as a cover to take over the US government -- then tortures the official to find out where the (syntox gasnuclear bombsvirus vials) are, calls Chloe, tells her there's no time, and tells Curtis where to find the bombgasvials. Whoops, Curtis is dead.

These high budget shows are better than most movies, but TV is still mostly a wasteland. Imagine giving something away for free but what level you have to go to get people to watch it -- that's TV in a nutshell. Most movies are crap too, but they have to have a higher bar of craptacularity because they have to get people in the theater. Just when you thought TV couldn't stoop any lower, Fox premieres "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?"

Back to the point: Lost is shit. Why is JJ Abrams considered some genius?

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