Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Democratic Futilism

I thought of a new phrase today: "Democratic Futilism"

You know how guys on the internet write 1,000 word essays in response to some bozo/troll on a mailing list who posts there is no global warming, or that Linux sucks, or whatever? Those people have been captured by Democratic Futilism.

Democratic Futilism arrives after one has realized that his voice means almost nothing in a Democracy -- hence the name -- but he believes his opinion is True and Correct. The ignorant masses (at least, he believes they are ignorant) will always outweigh his vote. And if he ever tried to mail your congressman, he'd surely get back a form letter and the message would be safely ignored (see: point one, ignorant masses/vote).

In being overwhelmed by the majority, a Democratic Futilist must try his hardest to convince everyone he are right, in whatever forum is available, even in conversations where someone is obviously trolling. The internet... blogs, forums and mailing lists, are the perfect place to do this. Because if ever placed in this debate face to face, the Futilist's adversary would likely cry uncle "I was just kidding" or "Forget about it, you were right" after the first paragraph of Googled facts the Futilist had dug up. But on the Internet, they can just go on and on and on, debating a point to futility.

Futilists are almost always men.

And if society ever changed, the Futilist would believe that the seed they planted was part of it. That's what keeps them typing, typing.... typing.... like I am right now.

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