Thursday, May 10, 2007

How come Zune plays M4A files and Windows Media Player does not?

They're practically the same app. It's pretty clear that Zune is just a new skin over Windows Media Player (WMP), right? So why is it that WMP doesn't play M4A files, but the Zune player does? Why would you leave M4A out of Windows Media Player anyway?

Sometimes I just have to wonder who at Microsoft makes decisions like this.


Chuck Henry said...

Normally, M4A file format is associated with Apple devices and Mac system. Since 2007, music and songs purchased through the iTunes store have been in M4A format. It is a little pity that Windows Media Player cannot play M4A files. It is not so hard to open M4A files in Windows Media Player. All we need is to convert M4A to Windows Media Player supported file formats like MP3, WAV and more. You can find a soulution here:

Chuck Henry said...
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