Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How to crash Windows Explorer in Vista in two steps

1) Find two Zip files.
2) Quickly right click on each and do "Extract all..." (uncheck the box that says "Show me the uncompressed files).

I just did it twice in a row on two different zip files. Once this just gave me the "Explorer has stopped working" dialog. The second time, it crashed spectacularly with a "C++: pure virtual function call" dialog and had to be restarted by hand from Task Manager.

Edit: Also, why is it, when I actually get built-in unzip working, it only unzips at something like 16 bytes per second? Has anyone at Microsoft actually verified the usefulness of their built-in zip utility, or are they in cahoots with Winzip/afraid of legal action? What they've got in there now is worse than useless.


Anonymous said...

your computer must be shite

Trimbo said...

It's the Mac mini. However, unzip in Explorer is slow on every machine I've ever tried it on. Winzip standalone is orders of magnitude faster.