Saturday, June 09, 2007

Link to a link to a link...

Is this the future of news reading going to be navigating blog-chains just to get the real information?

I saw this article on Gizmodo.  I generally don't read what Gizmodo actually writes about it, I just click on the link to whatever.

Well today that link took me to this link, which isn't the actual results.  Then I clicked their "via" link, which took me here.  Nope, still not at the actual person who benchmarked the new MacBook pro.  I had to click once again to get to the actual benchmark, which is here.

Damn, 4 sites to navigate just to get some simple information.  I guess there's a real business to be made out of linking to other people's information. 

And maybe that's why decent online newspapers like the Washington Post, NYT and Wall Street Journal haven't quite died yet.  Ever notice that the real news often links to one of those three, who have actual reporters in the field getting scoops?

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