Monday, July 23, 2007

80s songs dying for a metal cover

Ok, this idea is never going to come together for me to do because I'm not in a metal band (or any band at all for the past decade), so I might as well hope someone else does it.

I've always thought that the Go-Go's song "Vacation" would make for a good metal song. Take a listen to it sometime and imagine the chords through a lot of distortion, sped up, with an angry man singing the lyrics. It would work.

Thanks to the limitations of synthesizers at the time, most of these 80s songs have relatively simple keyboard parts that can be converted over to lead or rhythm guitar.

Here are other suggestions for metal bands looking for 80s synth-pop songs to cover:
  • "Uncertain Smile" by The The
  • "Pop Goes the World" by Men Without Hats
  • "More to Lose" by Seona Dancing (rare.. here's an mp3)
  • "Is it love?" by Mister Mister
  • "Dangerous" by Roxette
  • "Mad About You" by Belinda Carlisle (almost anything Go-Go related can work in metal form)
  • "The Promise" by When in Rome (Post-Napoleon Dynamite, I'm surprised it hasn't been done)
  • "The Point of No Return" by Expose
I saved the best for last...

A-ha: "Take On Me". That would rock people's faces off. I actually remember seeing A-ha on American Bandstand. That video was great:

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