Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Inside the mind of a Mac Cultist

AT&T is so bad that your iPhone won't work... what do you do if you're a Cult of Mac™ist? You contemplate moving!

Check out this article in Slate.


Anonymous said...

"But those gizmos didn't have the sleek lines, the seamless Mac OS X-integration, and the massive hard drive of the iPhone."

Oh, a hard drive huh? Last time I checked, there was 4 or 8 gigs of Flash memory. The author is clearly off her rocker. I recently read another similar tale from one of my favorite webcomic artists, to paraphrase, "it costs too much, has lots of aggravating omissions and quirks, but it's soo cool"

Oh, and BTW, that was Slate, not Salon.

Trimbo said...

Corrected the Slate/Salon typo.