Sunday, July 01, 2007

iPhone Redux

In yesterday's dramatic conclusion, I said I'm going to buy an iPhone.  It's true, I am.

I just never said when.  Ha ha!

I've made no secret of the fact that the problem I've had since day one  is that iPhone is only on AT&T.   And that continues to be the only reason I haven't bought one yet.  I mailed some friends today, if iPhone was on Verizon, I'd have one by now.

Whenever people ask me for cell phone advice -- a lot people do, since I've pretty much continually geeked out on the dumb things since 1997 -- I often say that the provider is more important than the phone.  "Never switch providers for a particular phone."  "If you're happy with your current provider, then don't switch."  "They all suck, but one of them sucks less for you in the specific places you travel."  I've said all of those many times.

Well there I was at the AT&T store yesterday, not listening to my own advice.  And it turns out that Verizon Wireless, my current mobile goon squad that sucks less, has a couple iPhone countermeasures waiting in the wings.

  1. The LG KS20, which is the non-Prada followup to the LG Prada.  This will reportedly be in EV-DO form on VZW by the end of the summer.  Wi-fi, memory card, EV-DO, the works.
  2. The HTC Mogul. This is one of those really thick and huge phones that has the slide out keyboard.  However, I might really want that keyboard.  This phone is on Sprint now and reportedly coming to Verizon soon.
  3. The HTC Vogue, also known as the CDMA version of the HTC Touch.  I think this is potentially the most interesting one to me.  It runs Windows Mobile, but HTC is providing a more interesting UI experience on top of it.

All of these are going to be the same price or less than the iPhone, and all except the Mogul are smaller and more functional.

So there you have it.  In 24 hours I've listened to my own (old) advice and I'm back to playing the waiting game.  Well... that's not the only reason.  I checked my contract and it's not out until November anyway, so switching to AT&T would be an expensive affair as it is.  I might as well hold on to a few extra bucks, see what Apple does to fix some of those iPhone problems, and check out these new VZW phones in the process.

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