Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mr. Chertoff

We don't need the press relaying your "gut feelings" that there's going to be a terror attack.

We need your department to do its job and stop the terror attacks before they happen and before I'm supposed to care. Lamenting in the press that you're worried about an attack doesn't help a thing.

Sadly, The Department of Homeland Security department was a needless department from the start. Intelligence can be handled by the CIA and the FBI can handle the rest. Now DHS is a $34 billion dollar organization that's become more of a pork outlet than any other department in recent memory.

All I've ever heard from DHS is terror level changes and all I've ever seen you guys do is take away shampoo at the airport. You guys couldn't even airlift some damn water to the Superdome for several days after Katrina. DHS is in control of the border and immigration and customs ... and I think we all can see how well patrolling the border has been going. They also control the Coast Guard, which confuses me because I always thought of the CG as a military branch.

Instead the DHS funds money to municipalities that don't need it. There have been tons of exposes on this. Look here, here, here, oh, and on a little show some like to call 60 minutes in a piece called "Handouts for the Homeland". Really, it's that bad. Millions of dollars are being squandered in tiny towns that have zero terror threat. If this was a business, the top executives would be under investigation and thrown in jail. But in government, hey, spend like it's other people's money. Oh wait... it is!

You may have noticed by now that our swell new Democrat congress isn't doing anything to stop this. No, they're pushing through $3 trillion dollar budgets. Democrat, Republican ... everyone loves pork, and DHS is one of the great Pork Stores.

Cue Ike:

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