Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The glamorous life of working in video games

Many of you probably know by now that I work for a video games company.  Those who don't work at one must wonder, "What's it like to work at a video game company?!  It must be very glamorous.  What is your day like?"

People ask me for free video games.   That's the life.

I've never minded friends asking for free video games.  And I'm only mildly annoyed when acquaintances ask for free games.  It's the strangers that annoy the shit out of me.

A few months ago a coworker and I were walking to a nearby coffee shop and a teenage kid asked us if we worked for the notable, large video game company that we were obviously walking from.  We said we did work there.  He then harassed us for our entire walk asking for free video games.

To most adults, I reply "Support the cause, please buy the game for full price!  We have to sell 10,870 copies of that game to pay our new executive's salary!"

The weird part is that I think it is exclusive to video games.  When I was working on movies, no one would ask me for free DVDs or free movie tickets.  Why? 

Likewise, do people ask friends at Google for free adwords?  Friends at Starbucks for free coffee?  Friends at Microsoft for free Zunes (if someone out there wanted one)?

Ok, I know that everyone calls up their friends at Pixar or Apple to get the Mac discount, or Imageworks to get the Sony discount, so maybe I'm being too harsh about this.  People will probably think I'm weird anyway because if friends ask for a game from our company as a gift, I sometimes buy it for full price at Best Buy.   For one thing, I feel cheap if I give them a free gift.  The other part is any little thing that helps the bottom line helps my stock, right? 

Yeah, I wish.

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brianc73 said...

Hey... Much more glamorous and exciting than working at a cell phone company everyone loves to hate... My friends would always tell me how horrible the coverage was. I think I'd actually have to pay them to get them to take a mobile phone from the outfit!

BTW - I buy your games from BestBuy and will keep buying!