Friday, November 09, 2007

Joy Division: Officially Hot Again

Ok, Joy Division is awesome and their songs haunt my mind, but isn't it a little bizarre that the entire world suddenly has resurrected Joy Division this year?

There's a new documentary about them, as well as Anton Corbijn's movie "Control". Peter Hook even came out in NME to rip the latter.

What's even weirder is I didn't know any of this was going on. I just was searching for stuff about Joy Division today because I randomly thought of the movie "24 Hour Party People" (which I reviewed a couple years ago on my movie blog). I thought the scene mentioned in there where they get up on stage and sing "Digital". Here it is, thanks to YouTube.

I like this version better than some of the actual footage of Joy Division playing this song. It makes me feel like I was there, when "Warsaw" (their name before JD) was playing a small club and was an unknown band. The real films of this song being played live are very crappy in quality (at least on YouTube). Plus, this guy does a really good Ian Curtis imitation. However, there are some quality versions of JD playing "Transmission" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart", as well as "Shadowplay" on YouTube if you're interested.

Maybe JD is hot again because it's the 30th anniversary of them starting out?

Hey, here's something... in just 3 more years, both Ian Curtis and John Lennon will have been dead for 30 years. Who do you think will have more influence on young muscians in another 30? (My hunch is Ian Curtis, which, IMO, is the case today as well)

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