Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wii vs. Xbox 360

On my walk today, I was wondering why people are so crazy about the Wii that they'd pass up buying an Xbox 360 for almost same price. It makes no sense to me since I feel like I've gotten a ton of value out of my Xbox 360 and I paid $400 when i bought it.
Excel was still open from the last post, so I decided to make yet another chart outlining some of the differences between the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Included are online multiplayer, number of metacritic games over 90 and 80, and some fun items. Enjoy.

TopicWiiXbox 360Advantage
Cost$250 $280/$350Wii
90+ Metacritic Games411Xbox
90+ Non-Nintendo Titles111Xbox
80+ Metacritic Titles1284Xbox
Oversized PersonalityMiyamotoBallmerPush
Internet Gripe"Two Gamecubes Duct-Taped together""Red Ring of Death"Wii
Major ProMotion-based controllerNo Motion-based controllerXbox
Major ConCan't find oneSupports evil empireXbox
Supports HDNoYesXbox
Online MultiplayerSomeMost
Downloadable GamesYesYesPush
Plays Mp3NoYesXbox
Plays DVDsNoYesXbox
Plays Videos from PCNoYesXbox
Media ExtenderNoYesXbox
Cute Mii charactersYesNoXbox
Lame NameYesNoXbox
Requires ExerciseYesNoXbox
Thankfully Not Made ByAppleApplePush

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