Wednesday, January 02, 2008

3008 Predictions

2008 will be boring, just like 2007. Let's make predictions for 3008.

  1. CPUs will no longer operate in base 2.
  2. Media will once again be stored in (what I'd call) analog formats. Binary data will be viewed as extremely wasteful to store once you get to the molecular/atomic level. Storing in an analog format would be the least wasteful way to do it. The media will be far more reliable and smaller than current analog technology like film and audio tape, though the major advancement in technology will be in reading from and writing that tiny analog media.
  3. AIs will exist. All innovation past a certain point will have to be done by them due to the complexity of the required solutions.
  4. Extra-solar space exploration will be taken on by AIs before humans. They'll be able to maintain themselves for hundreds of generations that such a project would take.
  5. The human population of the earth will have leveled off sometime in the next 100 years, and maybe started to decline due to population control.
  6. Genetic engineering of your children will be routine and expected of everyone.
  7. The Earth will still have oil, however...
  8. Speed-of-light teleportation will have been invented, bringing an end to all currency, governments, and the concept of personal privacy or property.

Ok, that last one is a bit preposterous, but wouldn't it be just great to put the airlines, oil companies and car companies out of business with one invention? I dreamed of that while I was stuck in an airplane for hours over the holidays.

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