Monday, January 21, 2008

Losing the senses of taste and smell is a great dieting technique

I can't remember ever having experienced a cold where I've completely lost the ability to taste and smell for days... except for this weekend. And I have to say, what a great way to diet!

  • When you can't taste or smell food, you might as well eat healthy all the time. There's no point in ordering something that tastes good. In fact, there's no benefit to ordering any specific item except the food that logically makes sense for you to eat for your health and will satiate your hunger.
  • There's also no desire to eat quickly, or eat too much. When you can't taste or smell anything, you just stop eating when your stomach indicates it doesn't need anymore food.
  • And won't need any alcohol.... even without feeling a sinus headache and other symptoms that make alcohol repulsive, drinking fine wines and scotches is again, pointless!
So there you have it. Why do people bother with these fad diets and gastric bypasses? Just catch one of these superbug colds and you're on your way to better eating!


Anonymous said...

How long did it take for your smell to come back?

Trimbo said...

All said, I think it took about a week for it to come back to even reasonably. I actually had another minor case of it after posting this, but it lasted maybe a day or two.

Good luck!