Thursday, January 10, 2008


Based on Zed Shaw's glowing review of Mingle in the midst of this classic rant, I installed this app to try it out, and actually, the front end isn't bad. We use Scam Scram Scrum at work and I have always throught that having some kind of web interface to managing that would be a good product.

But here's the thing. Mingle is apparently running Ruby on Rails on top of JRuby as its back end... and it takes half a gig of RAM on my machine, even when it wasn't doing anything with minimal data! And that is not including the database! Sure enough, 2GB of RAM is recommended to run Mingle. Even with all of that RAM, the app didn't really even seem that snappy.

I guess I must be completely ignorant because I cannot understand how people put Rails into production with numbers like that. Python with Clearsilver and Sqlite would run this app in.... maybe 20 megs of RAM? Java is an insane memory hog, so maybe it's just the fact that they're using JRuby for this. Still, as a standalone, "black box" install, it seems pretty bizarre to use that much RAM for an application that shouldn't remotely need it, or should be blazingly fast.

I don't know Zed except for having followed his work on Mongrel and this most recent rant, but I can't understand his glowing review of this product. Seems like most of his complaints about Rails is about performance but he thinks that Mingle is an example of a great back end using Rails? I'd love to know why.

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