Saturday, January 12, 2008

Port Ellen Scotch Whisky

While over in Scotland, we went to the Wee Whisky Shop, which sells 50 ml bottles of Scotch Whisky. I asked the owner to sell us the best wee bottle he had in the store.

He sold us Port Ellen, 23 year old, for £13. So that's approximately $420 per 750ml bottle.

We finally cracked it open tonight and it was pretty good.

It's not as smoky as the Islay Scotches I've come to love. Port Ellen tastes more like Macallan's with a touch more smoke, and a bit more of a fruity and slight vanilla flavor. I bet a lot of people would like this more than typical Islay Scotches because it is less peaty.

A couple interesting things. For one thing, the distillery has been out of business for 25 years. So basically this scotch was put into barrels no later than 1960. That's awesome.

Second thing is it was amazingly alcoholic -- 50%. So the bottle we got must have been at cask strength. I hadn't looked at the label closely before taking a sip, so the alcohol blew me away at first. With a dash of water, it really starting coming into its own.

Should have bought two. Oh well.

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