Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prop 93 Lies

I'm amazed that the ad campaign for Prop 93 is able to continue.

Currently in California, the term limits are 6 years for the Assembly and 8 for the Senate. So in order to be in the California legislature for 14 years, you have to serve in both branches. Prop 93 wants to make it 12 years for both branches, and it can't carry over from one to the other.

The campaign they're running now says "it lowers term limits," but it doesn't really lower the term limit -- it raises it for the same job. This gives lobbyists and more time to let the cronyism settle in -- and California already has a lot of that.

And you have to ask yourself, if this wasn't a big deal, why are unions dumping over $13m dollars into pro-93 ads that have run every commercial break for the last month?

So I vote no on this and all propositions. Propositions attempt to get the voters to approve measures by way of trickery, not reason and wisdom.

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