Monday, January 28, 2008

Stop Giving Version Numbers to Everything

Everyone's tired of "web 2.0." Nothing really differentiates the websites that people tried making between 1996-2001 and 2001-now except that they are separated by two different bubbles -- the former driven by no revenue and the latter driven by ad revenue. We wish they'd stop using it, but it's now part of the marketing hyperbole.

Right, so, Web 2.0 is one thing, but today I read a description for a startup that say it's garnering awards as part of "Office 2.0". There's even some lame Office 2.0 conference here in San Francisco.

WTF is "Office 2.0?" Is that Microsoft Office 2.0? Open Office 2.0? Because if they're talking about the general "office" -- like the place we go to work every day -- and claiming that their product is part of a brand new, awesome office that makes the world so much more efficient that it requires its second major revision.... then they're about 150 years too late.

How about the typewriter? Wouldn't that have been a pretty good time in history for "Office 2.0"? Or the mimeograph? Copier. Laserwriter. Drip coffee maker. Intercom system. Leather chairs. Executive washrooms. Sexual harassment training. NCAA tournament pools. Fire drills.

Yeah, there are a lot of opportunities for the "Office 2.0" to have already happened, but I guess it really arrives when someone copies Microsoft's software and puts it on the web, fronted by Flash backed by MySQL and some PHP or Java.

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