Thursday, February 21, 2008

Traveling with GSM

I'm not sure why people subscribe to GSM here in the US in order to travel. It makes sense for business, sure. Who cares about $1000 roaming bills when your work is paying. But for personal use, it makes no sense to me that someone would pay $2/minute with their US phone to make overseas local calls (restaurant, taxi, whatever).

Here's what someone advised me to do years ago and what I've done since then. I keep an unlocked Motorola V60, bought in 2002. When I get to... wherever... I just find the local Vodafone/Telefonica/etc. store and buy a prepaid SIM card kit for around £10 or €25. Pop it in the phone and voila, local number. I then SMS the number to my family in case they need to get in touch with me while I'm over there. In the meantime, I have a local phone. It's great.

Thought I'd spread the word on this since a co-worker mentioned today that he might be switching to GSM so he has coverage in overseas. After hearing this idea, he thought it sounded better than paying roaming fees.

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