Friday, March 14, 2008

Thoughts on shuffle during my commute

I usually just put my Zune into the mode where it plays all several thousand songs in a random order. Here's some commentary on what it played on my commute.

(In order of Zune choice -- uninteresting ones excluded)
  • Beatles "Eight Days a Week" -- yeah, never heard THAT one before.
  • Single Gun Theory "Angels over Tehran" -- I saw one of their songs on MTV's AMP and bought the CD. Forgettable.
  • Beck "Loser" -- I don't think this song has aged very well. Beck is a great musician, but i find listening to older albums of his very boring.
  • Del Amitri "You're Gone." I really loved this Del Amitri album (The Waking Hours), and I lost it about 10 years ago. While listening to this song, I realized I might have loaned it to my old boss. I'll have to ask him.
  • Nine Inch Nails "Track 9 of Ghosts I" -- there's a reason Trent Reznor made this album free. SKIP.
  • Fatboy Slim "You're not from Brighton" -- another artist that hasn't aged well, however this song is pretty good, but it reminds me of a boring time in my life where I sat around listening to Fatboy Slim. SKIP.
  • The Doors "When the Music's Over" -- why'd I bother digitizing any Doors? It reminds me of tennis camp when I was 14, which was fun, but at the end of the day you're still listening to the Doors. There are thousands of better retro bands if you need something from that era.
  • Skinny Puppy "Lust Chance" -- ah, FINALLY something really interesting that I haven't heard for a while. Then I started wondering if this album was made before or after Dwayne Goettel died. I think it was after.
  • "Track 7 of Ghosts I" -- SKIP.
  • Tal Bachman "Darker Side of Blue" -- seriously, what was I thinking when I bought this post-grunge hack's CD? Strangely, I listened to almost the whole song though.
  • Stone Roses "Love Spreads" -- All aspiring musicians should look into the Stone Roses. They weren't particuarly original... their music is derivative of 60s psychedelic rock. But still they made one of the greatest albums of all time (The Stone Roses) and a very good second album. Then their egos caused the band to implode, like all awesome bands should before they go into decline.
  • U2 "In a little while" -- SKIP. There are two good songs on this album and this is not one of them.
  • The Charlatans UK "Then" -- This is a classic example of Madchester. It's good, but doesn't hold my attention as well as Stone Roses. Charlatans are mostly forgettable. Listened to the whole song.
  • Men At Work "Overkill" -- A forgotten song by a great 80s band. Check it out sometime.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget to rate the song as a dislike, that way you can clean it off your zune later, never to be offered up in random again.