Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who are you people?

I'm always curious to find out who could possibly be bored enough to read this blog. So let's take a look at some of the top search keywords that are bringing people here:

"Chernobyl: Life in the Dead Zone" (and variations on that): I once wrote this was a good show, but if you are coming to my blog looking for anti-nuclear sentiment based on the show, you came to the wrong place.

"Mac Mini Power Consumption": Yes, it's true, Vista uses less power than MacOS X when run on the same hardware.

"NVidia Tesla Benchmark": We're about 6 months past when NVidia claimed these machines would be available and still no one has definitive benchmarks for these. Looks like Tesla is just a bunch of vaporware after all. I highly doubt they'll ever ship these for all of the reasons I mentioned anyway.

"Netbeans vs. Silverlight": Whoever is googling this combination is not on my list to hire.

Many Microsoft error messages end up in the keywords because i post them to my blog, so welcome Microsoft error debugging bretheren.

"Is Maggiano's Fancy?": No it's not fancy, and it sucks.

"Nvidia Hat": Hm, should I start selling some to make a little cash on the side?

"Old Windows Explorer in Vista": Sorry pal, you are SOL on that one. You're stuck with Vista's.

"Port Ellen Scotch": Whoever you are, if you have some, I'd like to buy it from you.

"pure virtual function call javaw.exe": If you need to translate this error, here you go: Sun's Java runtime for Windows sucks.

"trimbo timer": Tick, tick tick tick... boom!!

"why have i lost my sense of taste": Too many drugs.

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