Sunday, April 13, 2008

Regarding the demographics of my C++ post

I had to turn on comment moderation after my C++ Desktop Applications post hit reddit and got a few thousand visitors and many anonymous comments.

In any case, I started looking into the demographics of who viewed that post.
  • 48.48% Windows
  • 27.41% Linux
  • 22.47% Mac
  • 0.42% iPhone
  • 0.28% FreeBSD
Compare that to the regular inter-nets:
  • 91.51% Windows
  • 4.91% Mac
  • 2.02% Linux
  • iPhone/BSD, too low to count
I also find it interesting because most of my other posts are about Windows-oriented stuff, even though about 80% of the time I spend coding (which is about 15% of the time), I do it in Python.

Furthermore, check out the browser stat:
  • 67.82% Firefox
  • 13.92% Safari
  • 6.16% Opera
  • 5.11% Internet Explorer
  • 5.00% Mozilla
  • 1.05% Konquerer
  • 0.59% Camino
  • 0.03% Galeon
Wow, only 5% using Internet Explorer to view my post, versus 75%+ of mortal inter-webs users who use IE.

Also, of that Firefox demographic: a whole 23.52% are on 3.0 (I am too).

I had to look up Galeon. It's a Gnome project that uses Gecko for rendering. I wonder what inspired that one guy to pick up that browser and start using it.

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