Thursday, May 29, 2008

Teachers, Firefighters and Nurses again telling me how to vote

Why is it that every time elections roll around, actors playing teachers, firefighters and nurses appear on my TV and tell me how to vote?  Just a few months ago, they were telling me to vote for Prop 93, which as we well know, was a BS proposition (as most are).

More recently I got spam mail to tell me to vote "yes" on proposition B in San Francisco next Tuesday.   I open up the glossy spam mail and again, model/actor teachers, firefighters and nurses are inside smiling away, telling me how to vote.

Proposition B has nothing to do with TF+N.  It has to do with the retirement age of police officers.  Who cares what TF+N think of this proposition -- not that I actually believe that every TF+N in this state agrees with this proposition.  Most probably don't even realize their profession/union is being used this much for political gain.

Seriously, is our election system so broken that the only way people decide whether to vote for something is whether nurses, firefighters and teachers would do it?  I guess if you're going to trot out any three groups of people that can't possibly be hated by a majority of voters, those would be the three.  If I was a TF or N, I'd be pissed.

Over the weekend I'll read the text of these propositions and give you my voting guide, in the remote chance anyone out there is at all interested.  Prop B might actually be a "yes".  Prop A is already a "no".  I've read it, and Prop A exempts everyone over 65 from paying the tax.  Now that's BS.

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b said...

wtf dude. Of course you want to vote for prop A. all you need to do is hack into the system 80's Matthew Broderick style and change your age. Not only do you no longer pay taxes, but you get discounts at McDonald's and all movie theaters outside of Manhattan.