Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crispin, Porter + Bogusky hit another home run -- this time with Vista

From the guys who brought you Whopper Freakout...

How do you convince the public that Vista is a good product?

Why, you tell them it's not Vista.

Edit: I just noticed the extremely angry customer at around 7 minutes in Whopper Freakout has a "Mojave Electric" shirt on. I wonder if that's where they came up with Mojave for the code name of the next version of Windows!

One more edit... a blog post about Mojave reminded me of this classic Chris Farley skit.

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b said...

What's the hick-to-normal-person ratio in that video? 3:1?

Of course Vista works well if an expert sets up an install for you with compatible hardware. And I'm not sure they have enough staff to walk millions of people through the *awesome* features of vista one at a time.