Sunday, July 06, 2008

I should be able to click to download/buy an episode of any show in the last 10 years

And yet I can't.

I want the episode of Conan O'Brien that aired in 2005 where Conan is explaining to the audience that the guests don't get paid. Then they cut to Jeff Goldblum sipping his coffee backstage watching on TV when Conan says that. He throws his coffee cup down, trashes the craft service table, punches a nun, then stumbles out to Conan and yells "That's it O'Brien. No pay, No Goldblum." It's a classic.

Why can't I buy this clip? Why can't I even find it anywhere? I would have at least expected to find it on Youtube. Don't pirates have their Xvid encoders running on all channels 24/7?

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b said...

I want the clip from Conan about the Country Cuckoo-clock Codpiece Zulu Warriors.