Sunday, July 13, 2008


Or "MobileMe sucks" or "MobileMe Epic Fail" -- added for googlers.

I declare mobileme officially a complete disaster.

  • Created a new calendar in mobileme, got 15 copies of it on my iPhone.
  • Can't subscribe to other people's public calendars
  • Extremely slow web interface. Just selecting a contact can take 30 seconds to update.
  • ICS cards sent to you can't be added to a calendar (also a limitation on the iPhone itself- WTF?)
  • No easy push of Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail. (or calendars or contacts from any of the above)
  • No importing of contacts except via sync (e.g. import from CSV file).
  • No way to sync calendar events from a particular computer to a particular calendar on your MobileMe (e.g. work computer syncs with work calendar).
  • Set up MobileMe on two computers? MobileMe constantly tells you it can't sync because the other computer is syncing. By default it's configured to do this because it will hang on a warn of replacing 5% of your data.
  • Tells you it doesn't support IE when you log in?! If you can't support 85% of the world, you're not ready for launch.
  • And hey, if you install iTunes 7.7, MobileMe is installed. Way to put confidence into every IT administrator in the world to block iTunes.
  • As mentioned by many people, push works intermittently and inconsistently. At night it's working great again, but all day would have huge delays. God help us on Monday morning.
Even if you excuse the interruption of service problems, for a pay web service, MobileMe is an epic fail. I'm considering asking for a refund, or at least complementary service until they work out the major problems.

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