Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Proud Parent Inflection

For those of you who are getting bored of my economics rants, I'll take a time out to describe what I call "Proud Parent Inflection".

Proud Parent Inflection is the tone of voice you invoke when a stranger at the park asks you the name of your child, for example. Or her age. That's when you say (example child name): "Jehn-ny". Not just "Jenny", but "Jehn-ny". The tone of voice says "Future-Olympian-Brain-Surgeon-Cancer-Cure-Discoverer-Astronaut-World-Series-MVP-World-Cup-Star-Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winner Jenny, YEAH. And by the way you loser, I chose a GREAT FREAKIN NAME!"


b said...

Wimbledon champion-secret agent..

Clong said...

Stanley Cup Beer Pong Champion Evildoer Slayer.

And I find I often have to ANNUNCIATE my child's name because people always fuck it up and add random consonants to the end: Noland? What now?