Monday, September 15, 2008

Stop talking about Palin

She's irrelevant.

If you believe McCain is too old and might die in office, you shouldn't vote him anyway.

If you believe she's too inexperienced, remember that the only Consitiutional duty of the VP is to break tie votes in the Senate. She's too inexperienced for that?

Basically Palin is a weapon of mass distraction... and it's working. She's all anyone can talk about. She's "rallying" the Republican party base because she's a moose hunter or something. The Democrats have deployed a platoon of dirt-fact-finders to Alaska to dig up everything they can on her.

Meanwhile, the Dow just dropped 500 points, 25,000 people got laid off from HP and when AIG goes under, 100K people will lose their jobs. But let's spend our time worrying about whether Palin's future son-in-law graduated high school. Cripes.

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