Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ever wonder why the Detroit Lions always play on Thanksgiving?

Ok, maybe you haven't. But I have. They suck. They've sucked forever. The only reason they used to be acceptable to watch on Thanksgiving was because of Barry Sanders.

Anyway, here's why they're still included on Thanksgiving along with Dallas:

Yes, Ford motor company. They spend more money on advertising with the NFL than any other company. And, surprise! The Ford family also owns the Detroit Lions. Is it any mystery why the Detroit Lions somehow seem to have more of a say in this league than they should?

The NFL has recently introduced a third game on Thanksgiving. This year it looks like it will be the best game of the bunch: Arizona at Philly. It will only be on the NFL Network though, so most of the nation won't even be able to see it.... again. Lame.

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b said...

If they really do spend the most then they should get a few scheduling gifts from the league.

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