Friday, December 05, 2008

80s music is starting to depress me

Many of you know, I'm a longtime connoisseur of 80s music. And you know what, it's starting to depress me. Sometimes I listen to a song that reminds me of something in grade school or high school and it makes me feel really old.

Some examples:

  • Journey's "Separate Ways". Reminds me of a high school field party I went to and Astra sang this song with her band. Makes me feel old now to think of that party. [BTW, her rendition of it was awesome. It's no wonder she's a bona fide Rock Star now.]
  • Foreigner "That was Yesterday". Doesn't remind me of a specific memory, but maybe it's just the fact that it's about it being yesterday that depresses me.
  • John Cougar "Jack and Diane". I remember very well driving around to this song after our sitter Susie just got her driver's license. Again, making me feel old.
  • Anything by Pink Floyd. Well first of all, it's mostly just depressing music. Second of all, it reminds me of the earlier years of high school where I used to sit around listening to it all the time. I was like, "Two Suns in the Sunset... that's sooo deep man. It means nuclear war. ". It was pathetic.
  • The Unforgettable Fire. Oh my god I listened to this album on the bus every day for at least a year. It's a spectacular album but when I hear "Wire", all I can flash back to is sitting on the bus with my yellow Sony Sports walkman, trying to drown out the tongues-speak of an evil bus driver.
  • Most hair-glam like Slaughter or Warrant. I never liked these bands, but they remind me of working at FlipSide (a defunct record store) in Wauconda.

Although, that's not to say I don't have recent stuff I can't listen to anymore because it reminds me of scarring times in my life. I won't go into the whys of these:
  • Black Grape, the entire album of "Stupid Stupid Stupid"
  • Garbage "2.0" album, esp "The Trick is to Keep Breathing"
  • Cursive "Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes"
  • The Postal Service.
That's all. So this probably explains why I'm constantly searching for new music on my Zune Pass (here's my profile) -- to avoid the depression of feeling old. Right now I'm listening to Erlend Oye, who has no depressing memories associated with him and is very enjoyable as a result.

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Clong said...

Ugh, I am just so tired of a lot of these songs. . . they played Jack and Diane too much in the 80's, and now they play it too much on KFOG-y stations and on the 80's satellite channels. It's practically elevator music at this point.