Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Steve Jobs

One thing I didn't note in yesterday's rant, but should have, is that I noticed the WSJ has changed their drawing of Steve Jobs. They've replaced the healthy Jobs with the gaunt Jobs we saw during the iPhone 3G announcement earlier this year. Here are the WSJ drawings before (circa 2007) and after:

I found the change to be oddly significant. The day of the iPhone announcement, I asked everyone if Jobs was really sick. I had kind of forgotten about it since then, but this change in the image reminded me of it.

Today it was announced that Jobs won't be at MacWorld in January. Apple's stock dropped 3% after hours on that announcement, but I think Apple fans should be much more concerned than that drop represents. Apple has played down the announcement with a bunch of lies about how trade shows aren't their thing anymore, but... correct me if I'm wrong here... hasn't MacWorld basically been Apple's super bowl for several years? The internet abuzz for days about whatever they're going to announce there? It seems absurd that they would not participate unless:

a) They have nothing novel to announce.
b) Jobs is ill.

I personally can't imagine that someone doesn't have the inside info on Jobs' health. The man is the largest shareholder and board member of Disney and CEO of Apple. Many Apple investors have done so because Jobs is in charge. It seems... for lack of a better word... dishonest for those companies to withhold information about his health.

In any case, I wish Jobs luck. He and Wozniak inspired me when I was a kid. I was an Apple user from 1981 until 1996, a NeXT guy from 1991 to 1993 and Mac user from 1998 to 2001. He's only 54, and if it's true that he's very ill, that's really too bad.

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