Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cross-Section of 2008's Trimbo Blog Visitors

I always like to dig down into data and see what the true nature of things is like. So here's a sampling of what people ended up on Trimbo's blog searching for this year:

  • A user from Livingston, Montana (population 7000): "att more bars?" Yes, they lie. And given that you live out in the middle of nowhere (albeit a beautiful nowhere), your phone probably doesn't work.

  • A user from Whistler, BC: "visual studio professional vs standard". Ugh, I regret posting that even though it gets a lot of traffic for this blog. The answer is... standard will probably do everything you need. It's missing a few higher end features but my initial post was wrong. I corrected it, and people seem to not read the correction and still post inane comments about my being wrong.

  • A user from Kenya (city unknown): "iphone critics". Oh, you came to the right place pal!

  • A user from Colombo, Sri Lanka: "a call to bind was not well formatted. please refer to documentation". Yup, that one is still a pain in the ass.

And now some favorite keywords:

  • "trimbo torrent". Why do people google for this? What the hell are people trying to torrent that's a "trimbo"?
  • "why does detroit always play on thanksgiving". I'm so glad people are asking and ending up here.
  • "kelsey road house". Nice! Except, how come no one from Barrington googled it?
  • "crispin porter sucks". This is the ad agency I wrote about that did the ill-fated Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld campaign.
  • "flipside wauconda". No wai, someone was searching for that? And from Berkeley no less! Hey, drop a comment if you end up here again.
  • "aliens that are stopid". I'll stop there.

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