Friday, January 30, 2009

Stimulus package is a fraud of pork and spending

Business as usual in Washington, our government knows how to spend money and that’s exactly what they’re doing in the form of this phony-baloney “stimulus” package.

I don’t even need to tell you how ridiculous some of the things in it are, so I’ll just demonstrate via pie chart.



So, not counting tax cuts, a small piece of this pie actually buys things and builds infrastructure.  WTF do Pell Grants and preventative care have to do with stimulus?  Or food stamps?  Or Medicaid?  Or local law enforcement?

Oh, and how does fiscal relief of the states stimulate the economy?  Let me get this straight… bailing out failed governments is stimulus?

I’m not saying these things aren’t important.  I’m saying they’re not economic stimulus.  It’s a massive amount of typical spending.  Boosting of the kind of Washington cronyism that no one would ever approve of if they had any idea.  Federal spending did not hit a trillion dollars until 1987.  Now we’re spending that much in one bill.

You cannot spend your way out of a depression.  FDR proved it.  The New Deal was a failure – a huge power grab by the Federal government.   It was actually the second world war, and the money owed to the united states after the war, that brought the US out of the depression.  Politicos don’t seem to remember any of this.

But that’s ok, we all now trust in The Messiah to make things right </sarcasm>.  If this guy was legitimate he would veto the bogus “stimulus” package he helped create.

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