Thursday, January 01, 2009

Stop capturing my mouse

As I type this in a textfield on a webpage, I can tell you that consistent user interaction on the web sucks.

Here's an example... ever try to use the scroll wheel on a page with embedded videos? Try this experiment. Go on over to MakeZine, then scroll down with your cursor over the articles. Eventually you'll get your cursor over some embedded video that won't let you use the scroll wheel anymore.

Another one. Go to any YouTube video in Firefox. Put your cursor over the video and hit "Control-T" for a new tab.

Had these apps shipped on Windows or Mac, people would be outraged if they couldn't do an OS-wide keystroke (e.g. Expose, or the Windows key to open the start menu) in some application. The sooner browser makers or Adobe come up with some standards for this stuff, the sooner the web will be better to use. For example, why doesn't Flash itself fix the scroll wheel when focus is on the browser pane, or reserve and respond to control-T?

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b said...

I just looked at Gothamist using google reader and I can scroll wheel right through embedded youtube videos. I've seen the behavior you're talking about so I was surprised when it worked like one would expect. It appears that Google Reader must have something to do with it because when I read directly on Gothamist, my mouse is captured.